Maude and Glen Porter Letters

Documenting the Porter Family Move to Santa Ana, California

April & May, 1941


134 pages of original documents photocopied & noted with estimated dates by Effie Porter

Photocopies hand-noted further by Kay Porter - see Kay Interview notes here.

Digitized and sequenced by Greg Porter, July 2007.

Addendum, 3/8/2008, Photos of the documents can now be seen here.




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                                                                Timeline Summary

                                                                The Letters

                                                                Date Determination Summary







In the spring of 1941 Glen and Maude Porter moved their family of 3 boys from Safford to Southern California in hopes of benefiting from Glen's invention of an arcade 'Monkey Derby' game which he intended to operate in one of the amusement parks along the coast. Glen and Kay (11 years old) made the initial journey to become established prior to bringing Maude and their two small boys Jimmie (4) and Reg (1) to the coast. Maude attempted to sell their home and family gas station business as Glen departed in a teardrop travel trailer he had built from wood and a salvaged Model T axle. The letters below provide a wonderful insight into the culture of that era, their struggles in this major change to their lives, and most importantly their devotion to each other and to their sons. Though they were separated only 4 weeks, it seemed an eternity to them.


Some time ago Effie Porter photocopied the 134 pages of handwritten documents, noted estimated dates for some of the undated letters, and placed them in sequence as best could be determined. Kay Porter put page numbers on his photocopy of the documents and added some notes and estimated dates. I (Greg Porter) obtained a photocopy of Kay's documents complete with his notes. Below I've attempted to accurately digitize the letters from Kay's copy, reconcile dates, and sequence the letters. Below in the 'Letters' section, all unbracketed text and paranthetical text was taken from the letters and envelopes,  all text contained in squared brackets [ ] are comments made by me. The bracketed “P” numbers at the end of each letter reference the page numbers that Kay handwrote onto his photocopy of the letters to keep them in the order Effie had placed them in.  The sequence from document to document in the photocopy was not chronological since many of the documents were not dated by Glen and Maude when written. Below, each correspondence letter begins with a bracketed and bolded day/date header. The date reflects my attempt to determine the actual date each letter was written. (The spreadsheet section at the bottom of this document titled "Date Determination Summary" contains the research logic that derived each of these bracketed dates.)  At the end of each correspondence letter is the bracketed P number mentioned above, and comments made by me that are pertinent to that document. The P numbers have been retained to provide a reference key for cataloging the documents (since the actual dates may be in question) and to enable the reader to quickly locate the photocopy of the original document if desired.


Timeline Summary - 1941


Tuesday April 29th – Glen & Kay departed Safford for California. They spent the night in the trailer in Globe where the Taco Bell is now at the intersection of Highways 60 and 70. (based on interview with Kay.)

Wednesday April 30th – Departed Globe and spent the night in Phoenix.  (P18, 8. )

Thursday May 1st – Departed Phoenix. Crossed the border at Yuma at 7:30pm, dropped postcard at Winterhaven. Continued to drive & spent the night in El Centro. (P8, P5. El Centro per interview with Kay)

Friday May 2nd – Arrived in San Diego at 10am at ‘Sunset Auto and Trailer Camp’.  (P9,4,6)

Sunday May 4th – Left San Diego and moved into Seal Beach Trailer Camp. ( Glen and Kay must have spent the night at the Seal Beach Trailer Camp. On Monday morning Glen was there at 8am writing a postcard which was mailed from Long Beach at 10am. Therefore he probably went straight to the Seal Beach trailer camp on Sunday and headed straight to the LB post office when it opened on Monday hoping for the first letter from Maude to be there, which it was. P9, Saturday May 3 letter., and P18 Monday May 5th postcard and P19 Mon May 5th letter.)

Tuesday May 6th – Monkey Derby tested on the Pike at Long beach (P11, Wednesday the 7th letter.)

Tuesday May 13th – Glen, in frustration after a week and a half of trying to get the Monkey Derby placed, determines to postpone the game's placement and concentrate on finding a job to enable his family to quickly move to the coast. (P1. Tuesday May 13th letter)

Wednesday May 14th – Glen got a job with the ‘Marble Machine Company”, actually with ‘Foust & Sons Sales Company’, servicing the company's arcade games throughout the valley. ( P7 & 37 May 14th & 15th.)

Thursday May 15th – Was no longer living at the Seal Beach Trailer Camp, now living in the “West First Street Trailer Camp" in Santa Ana, but may have been there on the 13th when he first started telling Maude to send letters to the Santa Ana Post Office rather than to Long Beach. (P1. Tues May 13th letter & P37, May 15th letter.)

Wednesday May 21st – Rented a duplex in Santa Ana on the NE corner of 2nd St and Garnsey. (location known from other sources. Not referenced in letters. In late November or early December they would buy their permanent home caty-corner from the duplex and one house from the corner at 806 2nd St. They would live there until moving to Thatcher in June 1952, thus spending 11 years in Santa Ana. P52, Wednesday May 21st letter)

Sunday May 25th – Maude, Jimmie and Reg arrived by train into Los Angeles' Union Station. (P66 Thurs May 22nd Telegram)




The Letters

 Chronological Sequence



[Wednesday April 30, 1941 - from Glen]


6 o’clock – just got up. Slept good. Leaving for Phoenix in 5 minutes.


Dearest –

Out first night in the trailer. Just made Globe. Had a flat on trailer to Geronimo. Bought new ones in Geronimo. Hope Greg is better. Tell Jimmie I’ll send something from Phx. Kay wants to write – [Kay (11) writing in cursive;] Or close hangre fele daone an we had to fixe it and I slept god. [Our clothes hangar fell down and we had to fix it and I slept good].


 [P18.1 - P18 has two separate mailings on it. A postcard or small letter mailed from Globe on Wednesday April 30 (assume it was mailed, but the postmarked side not shown)  and a Postcard mailed from Long Beach on Monday the 5th. See the entry “P18.2” for the postcard from Long Beach. Only the Globe letter portion is here. In this letter Glen calls his son Reg 'Greg'. In Glen's Thurs May 8th letter he indicates that Maude has by then corrected him. Reg was still very small and would turn 1 two days later on May 2nd. Also lending to the confusion may have been the fact that Jimmie's middle name was Greggory]





[Thursday May 1, 1941 - from Glen]


6:30 this morning, just got up. Trailer House – Phoenix

My Dearest Little Sweetheart

                 I guess I’m the one that is breaking down. We are just to Phoenix and homesick as hell. Dare not tell Kay.

                Kay’s having time of his life. We went to show last night. “South of Suez”. Will leave here in about 20 minutes. – Kay keeps wanting to write –

                How is sweet little Gregory [this is what he called Reg]. I hope he is better. Tell Jimmie I am sending his red knife today from here. We are not having any more trouble. Damn it – I wish I had all my dear little family along with me and everything would be fine. Hope you get along alright sweetheart. I guess I don’t realize sweet and dear you are until I can’t be with you. Kay keeps saying “Now let me write” so here it is take it away Kay – I bought me a new pair of glasses and I saw a little boy flying a airplane and I saw a big canam and I saw a street train a old fashioned train it was the oldest one in the world love Kay.


Dear Jimmie –

                Take good care of momma and soon you will all be out here with us. I will send you something this morning. Love Daddy


Good bye Darling – be good and I promise I will – Sorry I’ve been mean to you – You have a job on your hands with that Baby. All My Love and Kisses  Glen OXOXOXOXOXO







[Thursday May 1, 1941 - from Glen]


7:30PM Just got across the inspection at Yuma on California side.

Dearest –

                Everything is lovely. Kay is a little homesick he said “I wish we had a telescope to look back home and see Momma.”

                We shall drive a little tonite. It is 185 miles to San Diego.

                All my love      Glen


 [P5 - Postcard mailed from Winterhaven, California postmarked May 2, 1941 7am. Addressed to “Mrs Glen Porter Safford Arizona”. In my personal interviews with Kay, he said he couldn't figure out why it took from 6:30AM until 7:30PM (13 hours) to drive from Phoenix to Yuma. He thinks they were building the bridge at Yuma across the Colorado where he remembers Glen stopped and talked with some workers in a reedy area. Other than that he remembers no delay. He also related that they pressed on and spent this night in El Centro, California, where they went to the Theatre and saw "Dust Be My Destiny".]






[Friday May 2, 1941 - from Glen]


Friday May 2, 1941 San Diego. Arrived at 10AM

Little Sweetheart –

                I hope the baby is well now and all of you. Kay just stands in awe looking at the big airplanes. We are in a trailer camp by the ocean. I never saw so many trailers. Not all beach goers but people working here. We are paid up here until Sunday noon – the name is Sunset Auto and Trailer Camp [see note below]. Then we shall go to Long Beach. I want to look them all over.

                I will call for mail at Long Beach Post Office in two days. Long Beach is about 100 miles from here. Kay is more thrilled about these big planes than the ocean. Don’t send anything pertaining to patent until I give you definite address.

                I hope you are getting along OK Darling. Be good – I am.

                Kay will write on the back.

                More than All My Love    Glen


[Kay writing] We are going down to the plane and see the big boats and see the sea planes. I am home sick.


[Glen writing]

Dear Jimmie –

                Did you get your knife. I will send you a picture book today if I can get to a post office.

Love Daddy

I dreamed last night that old Wisnoski visited you and all the neighbors told me. Now don’t get mad. I think of you and worry about you all the time – Maybe I’m a little jealous of you – anyhow, you’re the onliest one .. now ain’t that silly.


[P4. It was probably actually called "Sunset Auto and Trailer Court", which was located at Pacific Coast Highway and Rosecrans in that era per a picture postcard I found on the internet]





[Friday May 2, 1941 (started), finished on Saturday May 3, 1941 - from Maude]


Friday Night


Dearest Glen – Son;

                We received the letter and James was happy about the knife. His eyes had such a satisfied look. It was good to see. I wanted to cry for some reason over the letter and knife and maybe I did who knows.

                The baby has cried and cried – I get so tired sometimes – the future looks so black and then the minute he feels better everything shines again. He won’t eat and doesn’t sleep well – He cried half the night last night so in desperation I swabbed his throat and he went to sleep and slept till 6:30 – if I just knew what the trouble is. [turned out to be an ear ache]

                I hired Lavarr and Billie to help me move the bed out o the porch. James was glad about it and went to bed early so as to enjoy it. I almost had a log jam getting the 2x4’s out on the porch. What with this door and that it was a mess. It has been raining since you left. Tonight the sky was clear and [text unreadable]. I will be so glad when it gets warm. Do you remember a year ago tonight. Somebody gave birth to a baby boy that look like a girl and should have been – Can you [text unreadable]. Did you want me to write to O’Brien. If you do, what’s his address ?

                James sleeps with me. We are having a good time together – what I mean is we are getting closer together. He says Daddie wants me to send him some kisses – I said ‘how many’ and he says ‘oh, he only wants three’. He is so proud of the knife. Waited all day for the mail man to come and when he did come he was right out there.

                Your Mother and Dad came up last night stayed a few minutes.

                Kay isn’t the ocean wonderful ! I know you are having a nice time and I am so glad you could go with your Daddie.

                Well good by and I surely do enjoy those letters. We both look for the mail man. With all the love in the world I’ll close.


Ps. Sat morning –

 James cut his egg with his new knife and has been making kisses and hugs all over . xoxoxo. He says the knife is beautiful. James tells me what to write. “I’m glad about my knife. I’m coming down there with you (Momma). He wanted a line drawn. I’m coming down there next week”. He drew a line around his knife [pictures drawn by Jimmie of knife, airplanes]







[Saturday May 3, 1941 - from Glen]


Saturday morning. San Diego


Dearest one in the world

                I guess you are getting tired of so many letters from me, but I am so da gone lonsesome for you I actually could bawl. A little baby crying in the next trailer sound like Greg [meaning Reg]. I opened the door and window so I could hear him cry – sound so good. There is a lady two trailers away that has a little picket fence around her trailer (reminds me of you) and a little white headed boy playing looks just like Jimmie, not nearly as cute, but got white hair and chubby like Jimmie – my God but I wish you were here with me – I didn’t know it could make so much difference. I’m only half myself – seems like I don’t have the ambition – I’m kinda scared – I lack enthusiasm to talk my game up. It seems like I am all alone. I need you to encourage me or something – damn it I don’t know what’s the matter – so much noises – people on the pike so unfriendly and so cold blooded – they won’t give you a bit of information about the concessions, the premiums or anything else – there is no one to cheer you up – and when I think that I might fail with the game I get scared and jittery and that makes things worse because I know you would be so disappointed and you are all that matters with me – I am glad you said that if this didn’t go over I could get a job in the factory – sure some big one here and thousands of people working in them – you know I have got to do something and if you were just here to tell me to do something that would go a long ways. I didn’t realize before that you were that much a part of me – well I feel a little better now – I kinda feel like I’ve been talking to you – I’ve got to  get to making money some way so I can get you all with me soon or I guess I’ll go plumb buggy. I’m going to Long Beach Sunday. That means maybe I will get a letter from you – that is if they don’t send it back before I get there.

                It is 7:AM Sat. we just got up – Kay and his friend has gone over to the airport, just a little way from here. It is misting here this morning. I went down to Mission Beach yesterday they were just getting concessions ready to open. The big opening is Decoration Day the 15th. I waited around all afternoon to see the Boss of the concession but he never showed up. I am going back today – but it looked like all the good locations were occupied – people busy fixing them up for their games, and believe me these people don’t put out any information they act like you are poison – Nothing would look better to me than to see you walking up right now. I guess I’m in love with you sweetheart and that’s from the bottom of my heart and I don’t care who knows it. Kay had the time of his life yesterday on the beach – he took his shoes off and played in the sand and waded at the edge of the waves. I could hardly get  him away – he said he would be [page was folded over and a line or two unreadable] with him. How is the cute little dickens. Did he take us leaving very hard [must be referring to Jimmie]. This Trailer court (Sunset Trailer Court) has around a thousand house trailers now and there is many others just like it. I told Kay to come back in an hour and we would take a bath and go back to the beach. I shall try my luck again.  Felt so blue and discouraged last night – I thought I could sleep it off – I don’t feel much better this morning  - I need you – I am not afraid of anything when you are with me – that’s funny but it’s the truth and I feel like admitting anything right now but is takes money to keep a family here – that’s another thing. Well sweet I’ll just do my damndest – OK ? Lots of Love    Glen


Hope you’re doing alright – if you need some of this money be sure and let me know – I don’t need it all. Hope you and the baby and Jimmy are well and that I will hear from you at Long Beach – I wonder if I will get the letters at the Post office allright ? Love – Glen (dribble puss)







[Saturday May 3, 1941 - from Glen]


Sat 6 PM

Dear Jimmie – We are eating at a Merry Go Round Café. We eat one meal in café



Still at it. Love dribble puss


[ P6 - Postcard postmarked Saturday May 3, 1941 San Diego 8:30pm. Addressed to “Mrs Glen Porter Safford, Ariz”]






[Monday May 5, 1941 - from Glen]


[Glen writing;] 8am Monday at Seal Beach Trailer Camp

[Kay writing;] Dear Jimmie this is where I went in swimming. Love Kay

[Glen writing;] going to LB for mail – will write this evening – Glen


[P18.2 - Postmarked Monday May 5, 1941 10am Long Beach, CA.  P18 has two separate mailings on it. A letter mailed from Globe on Wednesday April 30, 1941 (at the top) and a Postcard mailed from Long Beach on Monday the 5th. See the entry “P18.1” for the letter from Globe. Only the postcard portion is here]






[Monday May 5, 1941 - from Glen]


Long Beach Monday 10:00a.m. at Post Office

Dear Little Wife -

I have just 10 minutes and our nickel park (parking meter) will be up. We just got your letter [Glen references the May 2 letter - P15]. I never saw anyone so excited as Kay. He grabbed it from me and hugged it. We rushed to the car --- I'm choking up till I can hardly think well. I tried to hold it back but couldn't - I cried then he cried. Well I managed to stop & bought this stationery, now I'm weakening again - Gee but I would love to see you and love and kiss you you darling little devil I couldn't live without you. I mean it. I am going to do what you say "Be Careful". There is lots of new games here. Kay is still holding your letter he has read it over & over. I think he knows it by heart. He just ask when you are coming. Dear you can't come too soon for me. If the game don't go I will get me a job and we will place it later. I am not losing faith in the game. Our parking is up and I want to mail this letter now here at the Post Office. Will write again this evening. Hug and kiss Jimmie & Greg for me. I shall write Mother & see if she can take you a few places.

Love & lots of it


[P19. Living at Seal Beach trailer Camp, had arrived there the day before.]






[Monday May 5, 1941 - from Glen]


Monday 4:PM at Seal Beach Trailer Park

My Sweet Little Darling

                This is getting bad when I have to write you twice a day – like milking a cow three times a day, has to be a pretty swell cow – now don’t get spunky sweetheart. I mean you’re swell not a cow – just a cute little heifer.

                I am sitting in the door of our Ark. Everything is quiet. Kay is at the beach – he just lives there. I have one of my games set up at the side of the trailer and now waiting for a man Mr Ludwig, manager of Long Beach Pike, to come and look at it. Nothing to it he just wants to look at it. I have my patent so I am O.K. It looks like every concession space is occupied at Long Beach. Mission Beach at San Diego is also full up, but the manager will give me a spot for $250 for 11 months and me build my own concession. He said he would cancel a ride that was going there and give it to me since my game is new. He figured out to me where I could build it for about $50. Pay him $50 down on the space and pay the balance of $200 in payments. He was quite encouraging told me where to get my premiums and talked with me quite a while – I told him I would be back about Tuesday. I guess I will have to run my [single word illegible] for the premiums, but this , I believe, is a pretty good thing – you see the building would be mine, I could move it off or sell it. Otherwise one of the Pike houses for my game would run around $15 a front foot 20 feet would be $300. Of course maybe later somebody will blow up and I can take his place. I haven’t been to Ocean Park nor Venice yet.

                Well dear, I sit on the sit on the pike [not ‘park’] bench and read your letter for the 6th time [Glen references the May 2 letter - P15] – This time I could laugh at your humor – you know you can always make me laugh – when you said “There was a log Jam’ getting those 2x6 out on the porch.

                Bless that little Jimmie – I am sending him a pop gun – now don’t say anything sweet, they only cost a dime and I feel so bad leaving him – if they make him happy it’s makes me happier.

                I am sure sorry to hear that Greg is still sick – I’ll say your not going to stay there, you are going to come over here where we can have a good time together. Gee it’s great here – if I can just make us a living. If the game don’t go over right now I will get a job and later, maybe next year place the game anyhow I will or would know more about it by then.

                Don’t write O’Brien yet.

                You may send my mail to Long Beach (Gen. Del.) until I inform you differently – then I shall tell them to forward it.

                This damn guy hasn’t come yet, he said he would be here about 4 o’clock. It is now 4:30. He is probably a fake. He can’t place me on Long Beach right now anyhow because he is full up.

                 I told Kay I would come for him about sundown – don’t worry about him – there are lifeguards everywhere besides he plays in a bay where it is shallow.

                I can’t wait until tomorrow to hear from you – I am sure there will be a letter from you – I want to hear what you say about coming out. I hope we can be together before another week goes. We could rent a little place pretty cheap – or buy a lot on payments - $5.00 a month or live in our trailer house until we got our lot paid then build us a nice home on it – what do you think, Sweet, and live in a real place ? Or if I got a job that paid about $7 a day maybe carpenter, and buy us a little place with the house on it and pay it on installments – I would even be willing to turn the car for down payment – plenty of busses & streetcars here. I am acquainted with two different fellows that said they would help me get a job. Of course I would have to join the union.

                This is the most I’ve wrote in my life. I just cleaned up and put on my blue pants and Dad’s shirt.

                I am going to kinda look around for a place to buy or rent and get you over here – I feel plenty guilty and bad over here vacationing and you there struggling with a sick child- it’s not right – you are coming out here if you have to take a bus and spend a little of this money anyhow – We could have such a good time if you were just here – why not lock up the place and come on the train. I’ll send you the money – when I get started we will send for the furniture we want. We will get Dad to help Pete Burrell load it. We don’t have to be there. If you were here I would walk my head off till I did something – Say – what is Lona’s husband’s address ? If you would come on out we could see him and maybe he would help me – but I can’t do anything alone.

                30 minutes later

                I took a stroll around the court. That Goof hasn’t showed up yet. It is 5:30 – think I just double my monkey up and tell him I would sell him it for $1000000000000.00

                I’ve got to go after Kay soon-  But think that over sweetheart. Let’s get together – two heads are better than one – maybe I could do more if you were here – You know – to kinda tell me what’s what once in a while – all the fellows have their family with them - even the trailer houses. Let’s trade this in one in on a nice big factory built one. There are some dandy’s here. Big as a three room house, and plenty of room for the kids to play. Maybe Dad and Mother are ready now to take a trip over here – pay the gas & oil – buy them a couple of tires – I’ll send the money – what do you say ? Maybe you have already said in the letter I’ll get tomorrow. Hope you say you’re coming in a few days.

                Think I’ve rattled on enough. Sure liked that fine letter & picture from Jimmie. You better take care of Mama & bring her over here right away. Will you Jimmie ? O.K. C’mon.

                Love & kisses xoxoxo Glen


[P26 – 28] 




[Monday May 5, 1941 - from Maude]


[Envelope only; the enclosed letter has been lost or was not photocopied.

P25 - photocopy of front of an envelope from Maude to Glen. Postmarked “May 5, 1941 6pm Safford, Ariz”. I believe this is the envelope for a missing letter. Handwritten address to ‘’Mr. Glen H. Porter Long Beach, California. Gen Del.” From “Maude Porter Safford, Arizona”. There’s also a stamped date on the bottom left corner “May 17 1941”, as if it was delayed in delivery. On the photocopy in Kay’s handwriting is the note “previous letter” which I assume means that Kay believes the envelope belongs to the previous letter which began on P 20 of the photocopies. The problem is that that letter was certainly written on Friday May 9th.]





[Wednesday May 7, 1941 - from Glen]


Seal Beach Trailer Camp Wed 8:30am


Dearest one

                I just finished shaving. Kay is still asleep. I was happy when I got that telegram. Sweetheart you are surely one real pal and I hope soon I can make things a little easier for you.

                The Long Beach amusement manager, Mr Ludwig, came out and looked at the game, and in about 20 minutes later here come a trailer to get it. They took it to the Pike, One of the fellows, I guess they were all big shots of some sort, said “ because of it’s simplicity and merit it had good possibilities” so they took it from the office and set it on the Pike. This was about 7:30PM last night, I guess the biggest thrill of my life was then. I think these men didn’t think it would stand the abuse the public would give it so they were giving it a test – just one unit – well the people gathered around that thing in flocks. Mr Ludwig had several play it for about 3 hours they banged, got to timing themselves – even the big shots played, it was really a scream, Maude, how excited and enthusiastic they were trying to put that monkey up quickest. It didn’t go haywire once. They could not believe it would work so perfect and no motor. They tried to look into it – giving all sorts of hints how it worked but I had it screwed down.

                Well Mr Ludwig will give me a spot in the busy part of the Pike for $300 a month flat rent. Then it would cost me about $50 to rig it up and decorate it or “show” it – they call it, and require this because they want the concession to look colorful. Then it would take around $100 to stock, premiums and $25 for operating license – these figures were given to me – by request by Mr Ludwig. He said it would take around $500 to start in that particular busy spot.  But I got several different offers while that game was being played last night. They would call me off to the side and I would have to leave Kay to operate it – But I think there all promoters and wanted a whack in on it. One fellow wanted to scatter them in five different places – I don’t know what he was talking about – he mentioned 2 of the places in the Barracks or somewhere. But the best, I believe, (da-gone I wish you were here) since I haven’t the money to put it over myself is to take this offer – a fellow by the name of Chet – seems to be a pretty fine sort of guy said that he would take out a bottle ball game from one of his concession – he has two concession – and put mine in the place of it. He has a girl to run it – and we split 50-50. He said he had been on the Pike 12 years and would really fix my game up with a lot of show. He wants to put it at the West end of the Pike facing the ocean – he said it would be better there than up close to the Pig game and a horse racing game which work with the same effect. Gee I wish you were here – I would do what you say because you always have pretty good hunches and judgment. I am supposed to let him know at 7 o’clock tonight. I was supposed to have met the manager at Mission Beach at San Diego yesterday – maybe it would be better to put my concession up over there and run it myself – it is a smaller beach and doesn’t cost as much. What do you think ? You know what I thought this morning when I woke up ?  to rent this game to him for about $3 a day and make another and put it at Mission Beach. I believe I will tell him that and if he doesn’t want to do that I will wait a while. You know this 50-50 stuff and his girl running it. He could beat me out of a lot.

                You know, they all ask me if the game was patented. They also suggested that I leave the game in the office last night instead of bringing it back to the trailer camp – I think there was a method in their madness – huh ? but I brought it back anyhow. I got a letter from Mother – said she was going to take you home for a while. I wish you could come on over here. Why don’t you just pack up a few clothes and come on – we can buy a baby bed here and get a little apartment for now, and I will get these games to going.

                Kay is still asleep – we got in at 12 o’clock last night. I guess this night life is getting him.

                I wish we could sell our place or the note and raise about $400 – I could start it then myself here at Long Beach. A horse racing game they just put in – balls roll just like mine only it’s electrical – cost $5000. It isn’t as fascinating as my game.

                Well I don’t know what to do, Darling – should I go in with Chet 50-50 or go to Mission Beach on my own or just wait a while ?

Love Glen


P.S. Did Jimmie get his gun OK ? I hope the baby is better – If you were here we could take him to a specialist. I could help you and you could help me – I hope I get a letter from you today. I am going to wake up Kay and get something to eat – it is 11:30.

So long  Glen

Keep sending my mail to Long Beach (Gen. Del)






[Thursday May 8, 1941 - from Maude]


Thursday night.


Dear Glen & Kay;

                I have just put the baby to bed. With a little help he can pull off his stockings and shoes. He is so cute when he is well. Gen came down yesterday and took me to the show. Then she came today and we spent the day at her place. The baby was cranky and James was far from being good but we had a nice time. Alf ate dinner with us and the cotton is coming up a bit better than before and we covered a stool for Gen (Gen & I) and that brings us up to date.

                Did you get the telegram I sent. It takes three days to get a letter to me. I have no idea where to send this one. Maybe just send it to Porters Monkey ? When I returned home this evening from Gen’s I found your letter. The one you wrote on Monday evening – Just about the time I rec your blue letter from San Diego & I walked to town to send the telegram. Can you follow me ? I can hear the Barney’s yelling also the dogs barking. Just all the old home sounds !

                Your Father won’t be able to bring me out until the middle of June. About a month from now and maybe not then. The cotton, he doesn’t know about it yet, and they don’t know if they can take me out.

                I would like very much to buy a lot and pay a place out. That would pep me up about going out. As it is I don’t know so much about it. I want something definite before I pack up these two kids and come out, and I mean definite, something in the bag, so to speak.

                I feel I’m not writing very clearly, but I’m all in, the baby gets me down. I want to write this tonight so I can get some kid to mail it for me. Dee is coming to fix the fence tomorrow. He wanted to know all about you. I hope you get the games set up. Your chance at San Diego sounds pretty good. I’m sending the letter from patent. What about that money form the oil from Richfield ? I paid the lights and water nearly eight dollars. I will have to pay Kimball also Sears – There won’t be any money coming from the Station this month – or for many months, I guess. Arthur and Builders are letting no grass grow under their feet on that score. I wish they would slow down a little I had planned on at least $5 dollars to pay Kimball out of that, but I guess it’s the best to get it paid off – Arthur & Builders.

                If we could buy us a little place out there I would be much happier about the whole thing. You know how I have worked and schemed all these years to have a little place, that’s why I’m so set on fixing this up, but if we could get something out there, well that would be fine. But what about our plans to save the money and then buy some land and so on – Glen I don’t know what’s going to happen, it seems we’re going to take a big jump someway. But maybe it will all turn out for the best. If you can just get the games started that will be better than a job don’t you think ? Dear little Kay be careful and don’t let a wave wash over you when you are at the beach. Be very careful the big cars that glide along the highways don’t run over you and  be sure and don’t fly away in a big airplane.

                 I hope Glen you didn’t burst a blood vessel waiting for Mr Manager to come. I will write again tomorrow when I have more sense. I love to get the letters from you so keep it up. I think I would die if the mail man didn’t stop every day.

                Love Maude


[this next portion begins at the top of a new page, and appears that it could be the ending of a separate letter. Perhaps it does go with the letter above as a quick continuation written the next day, as she mentioned she would. Maybe an entire page was missed in the photocopying process that better links them, or perhaps this is a separate letter and the first page of this letter was missed in the photocopying process.]


I laughed and laughed. Maybe the good Lord has changed the color of your skin for the way you have treated your poor little darling ! I am going down town and send a telegram. You make me want to cry and for what, I know not.


Dear Kay:

                I’m so glad you are seeing so many things. Kiss Daddie for me and when we get together again we will never say a cross word, will we.

                Love, Mother


Write your folks I know they expect a letter. Your Mother has a bad cold so they haven’t been up. I hope you feel better about things today. I’m sure you will –

                Listen dribble pussie ! if your games don’t go over, If something should come up, don’t feel bad for me because we will do something else. So be of good cheer and be cautious !

                Love, Maude.

I love to get your letters so write every day and you write too, Kay, and tell me everything.

Ethma – 4281 Leimert Blvd.

L.W. Wilkerson 5454 Cerritos Avenue, Long Beach, Calif (Lona’s address)


[P29 – 31]




[Thursday May 8, 1941 (started), finished and mailed Friday May 9, 1941 - from Glen]


Seal Beach Trailer Camp. 12 o’clock noon.


Sweetheart – Jimmie & Reg

                Another day another letter. I guess you’ll get tired of so many letters – but about the only time I’m happy is when I am happy is when I am reading a letter from you or writing one to you – So remember our promise to write every day.

                I hope you received your Mother’s Day ‘flower pot’ OK. I also sent Mother a little box of candy. Remember darling, you are the Sweetest Mother to the sweetest three sons in the world.

                Well, I am waiting for 2 o’clock to come. The man that has the Pig game here at Long Beach is coming our here to the Camp to look at my game. I don’t know why he wants to look at them. He saw [photocopy cut off text at the top of the page] … to tie up with any one at Long Beach until he saw the game.

                I don’t think that he will want it because it’s too near like his Pig game. Maybe he wants to see if I am infringing. Anyhow I stalled the other fellow (Chet) off until to night. He (Chet) is plenty anxious to put it in on 50-50 and wants it in for the week end.

                But I am like you – think maybe it would be better to go back to San Diego put up my building and run it myself and get all I make instead of just half. That is if I can run my face [looks like the word he’s written] for a little time to pay the lumber and canvass top. Then next year try to place it in different places early. What do you think ?

                I just got acquainted with a private detective (maybe Wisnoski ?) here in the Camp. He said he knows all the Big Shots in the amusement game and will go with me to see them. I may do it tomorrow – won’t hurt to try anyhow. He ask me if I had it patented and how long. I told him six months. Say have you heard anything from O’Brien since I sent the Model ?

                So it’s Reg – not Greg – well it’s Pike not Pipe – ha, smarty.

                Say Sweet, why don’t you come on, I’ll forget all my kids names if you don’t get over here. You never say anything about coming. You said something once about staying there. How long do you think we can live apart and still be man and wife ?

                Kay wants to write so here goes – over [was at the bottom of the page]

[at least the top line was cut off in the photocopy. Kay’s writing was in cursive, he was 11.]

Ouboy chous [shows ?] to and we eat at the merry go round it is a face and the foud gose around in a big box in the bixses ther ar cakes and saladse wee go to it evry day I tacke a bath this smorning and daddy gave mey a knife and I hafe to say god by now.

                [drawing by Kay of what looks like the empire state building with a flag on top and an airplane flying past, then the note below by Glen]

                He is kinda telling on us – I let him go to a show – He gets so tired following me around. We eat one square meal a day at the Café 35 cents each for breakfast.

                [that ended near the bottom of the page, then the next page starts with the following at the top so I assume it is actually a continuation of this letter]

We buy a 5 cent Coffee Cake from the bakery wagon that comes to the Camp every morning and eat it with Mother’s jam. So 80 cents a day is about what our eats cost – the trailer space with lights, shower etc is 40 cents a day. There are some people came in the camp last night about like us. They have a pretty nice trailer house about the same size as mine – one boy the size of Kay, one girl about two years older and a baby just walking – five in all just like us. Pretty nice people, and they said that they come to Long Beach every summer and live in their Trailer houses very comfortably – why couldn’t we do the same. There is a community wash house – a community range to bake on – Hot and cold water all the time. Showers. A milk wagon every day, Ice man, bakery wagon and every thing you need - $10 a month water and lights furnished is cheaper that we can live home.

                I went to a real estate office yesterday. He said that if I could buy a lot ($300) they would build a home on it and I could pay it in easy payments – cheaper than rent. Wouldn’t that be fine ? But where is  the $300 – why don’t you try and sell that note for $300 and lets get us a good modern little house here. Boy it’s sell out here. Right now the sun shining so bright and the keenest ocean breeze – just right. People in their shorts enjoying life. I wouldn’t live back in that country for all of it if I can make a go here.

                If you were just here we could figure out things together. Why don’t you rent the house for $10 month and come on. I am going to pay up here for another week at this Camp. I thought I could just park anywhere and not pay anything but they won’t allow it.

                2 hours later –

                They came – three of them. They thought it was hot stuff. But said that they would want to try it before they did anything. So maybe they will put it in a good spot this week end and give it a try. He is going to talk to his partner and let me know tomorrow.

                The detective came right over soon as they left and wants me to go with him now and see some big shots to Santa Anna. So soon as he comes back from his trailer we shall go on some more monkey chases.

                I still would like to put it up myself and run it. He ask me how much I wanted for patent and all – I said $6000. I don’t know what he thought – he didn’t say anything.

                Next morning – 8am. This Guy came and I had to go. We saw this man at Santa Anna, He makes marble machines, so I don’t know if he would want anything to do with mine because it is a competitive or [unrecognized single word] game – but he wants me to bring it out and let him see it Sat. Morning – today I am going to try and figure out a way to bring the Monkey down automatically. It may appeal to him more. The Pig game man and his partner saw me again last night. He wants to manufacture them and sell them – but maybe I can do this myself and then maybe I am hesitating too long and will lose the whole thing. Dear, you are the only partner I have, why don’t you come on over and help me? I was never at such loss to know what to do. I have plenty of fellows who want to take it and put it over – but like this detective says to me – where do I come in. Well, I will have to pay double duty on this letter if I don’t stop. I never received a letter from yesterday !!!

                Love, Glen






[Friday May 9, 1941 - from Glen]


Fri nite


Dear little Big liar [I think that’s what it says].


I just got through writing you a letter. I was angry – so mad I boiled all the time I was writing it. But I am not sending it. I shouldn’t write or talk when I’m so angry but I’ll try to write you & hold my nasty temper. You say from this day forward I will write every day as if you were going to stay another week, and you promised to come home in ten days. The money isn’t holding you because I am sending you $10 now to come home on.

                I don’t see why you keep trying to do things that you know we can’t afford. You’re there with no lights, hoeing weeds, painting fences – for what !? or am I just dumb (?) Calm me down down if I get out of bounds. I don’t see why… [he lines through the sentence and doesn’t finish it.

                Kay didn’t go to school today – no clothes. I told him to stay in the house but he sneaked off this afternoon. He hasn’t come home yet & it’s 10:15pm. I guess that’s why I’m doubly mad tonite. Poor kid I suppose he thinks I am a hell of a Daddy or mother or nursemaid or something or nothing etc etc.

                You can do anything you want, dear, put the house in your name, golden wreathe around it, & wisnoski on the top but for hell sakes see if you can get here by Sunday.

                Ship the furniture – I will try and borrow some money if that makes you happy. Go ahead sweetheart ship the furniture we will make is somehow.

                By the way the refrigerator will not work here. The cycles or electricity is different – Sell it if you can – or could you turn it for our bill at Sears ?

                Be home Sunday, Sweet and I’ll forgive you – if not, we will go nuts.

                Damn it come home. I love you too much. I’m already nuts – two of ‘em.


Please be home Sunday Maude.

I hope to hell you are not intending to stay until that sign brings results.


[P 63] 




[Friday May 9, 1941 - from Glen]


I answered every letter you wrote. I wondered and wondered until I didn’t give a dam. You never knew how to keep a promise anyhow.

                It must be very unpleasant there with no money. It makes me very unhappy. I don’t know why  you are always trying to do things we can’t afford. You said you would be back in ten days. But I knew you were lying so it doesn’t matter. Why don’t you go ahead and say you are not coming home because you have no money you knew you could stay long as you wanted to before you left, so did I – so that’s mutual and doesn’t matter. Why didn’t you say from this day all through winter I will write every day. You can have everything put in your name if you like – I haven’t anything worth fighting over anyhow. I can’t blame you for wanting to stay away from me You’ve sure earned  [bottom of the letter but no following pages]


[P65 - Kay’s written “From mother to dad”, but it’s really from Glen to Maude. Handwriting comparisons clearly confirm this. I think it’s the letter from Glen to Maude that he mentioned in P63 he’d written in anger but said he wouldn’t be mailing]





[Friday May 9, 1941 - from Maude]


Friday Night


Dearest Glen & Kay

Your father just left. Your mother is sure you will let some one wham you out of your game. We didn’t like the idea of the 50-50 business. I won’t sleep tonight for thinking of you and how it might get away. The game and all your dreams. Please Glen be careful and don’t be hasty in what you do. You have waited so long for [faint illegible copy] dreams and [faint illegible copy]. Wait a little while longer until something else is offered or turns up. [faint illegible copy for an entire page] keep your game [faint illegible single word] and  see what is the very bests. It seems to me you are being a bit hasty. Wednesday night was the first time it had been played out there and you were deciding right away what you were going to do. Now listen – it hasn’t been easy staying here with the children and all and no way to go but that’s all right. It will be worth it if you just do what’s right. It’s hard to tell what would be the best thing but for gosh sakes don’t share the game with anyone. Not at first anyway. [ I wonder if I’m not missing a whole page, since the next sentence is from the top of the next page and doesn’t seem to follow the prior page line of thinking. I think Kay’s got the page sequence wrong and the photocopy has cut off the top line. Here’s how I think it should be, less the missing top line; ]… then maybe next summer go to Long Beach. Do be careful – I could almost cry. I will pray for you tonight – It will do a lot of good. You know I prayed that you would let me pay the house money to Kimball and sure enough the next morning you said that would be all right. Just take it easy. I will come in a week. Maybe on the train. I will sew and make the baby and James some clothes and come in a week. How will that be.

I sent to Sears and got some material. It came today also the pop gun. James was delighted. He got the idea you sent the cloth to so he had to show everyone the cloth saying ‘this is what Daddie sent me”. I guess they think you have gone into the merchantile business.

                There is no payment coming this month. They have already taken up thirty dollars. I will have to have some money to come on that is if I can’t get some more bills in. Trying hard to but it’s a mess. You didn’t have down how much Shorty Dodge owed. He came and paid $1.25 – Said it was a gas bill he owed. Lewis and Mother moved away So that’s that. I will try and rent the house, maybe.

                The baby still has the ear ache. Poor little cuss.

                Your mother thinks she will come with me on the train but I don’t know if it would be a good thing. All the confusion and all. Getting a place to stay. I don’t know. I thought maybe we could live in the trailer house & car – maybe.

                This letter is a maybe letter. I hope you love me as much as you did a day or two ago. Do you maybe !? I guess by now you have made up your mind and have done what you wanted to. I surely hope you haven’t gone in 50-50. Not at least until I get there – write right back and tell me.

                I think I will ride the bike to town and mail this letter. It is a beautiful night here. Does the same moon shine there ? Or is it a moon of quick enchantment that lures men to folly. Happy came down today and we went to Mrs. Motes for a party – I sent the telegram. Hope you rec it and took my advise – How much money do you have.

                Well good b darling I know you are doing your very best which is good enough. I think if I come in a week it wouldn’t hurt to wait that long to hold the games up. Do you ? Wish you would or have you already gone to San Diego. Don’t worry about the money. I will live in a trailer, do anything to have the games a good start or to do the right thing by them.

                Love, Maude.

Hello Kay. I will be seeing you..

[The last page had some scribbles on it and a scrawled boat picture, all done by Jimmie. This note from Maude on the page;]

James fell asleep writing this letter. I had to pull it out of his had.  [arrow pointing to boat drawing] this must be a boat.


[P20 - 24] 




[Monday May 12, 1941 - from Maude]


Monday night


Dearest Glen & Kay:

                James has ruined the pen much to my sorrow so here goes the pencil. The only Mother’s Day gift is before me minus two layers of chocolates. The pretty flowers nod gaily at me as I write and my stomach glows cheerfully as I anticipate another bite. It was sweet and dear of you to send the gift to me and the cards. I am pleased at being remembered as a Mother, because some times I feel like a grandmother. I have just reread your nice fat letter. Did you get the second telegram ? This telegram business is taking all my change. Now to get to this man and wife stuff, and me a virgin these many years. I do hope you can contain yourself until I arrive.

                I am sewing like mad to get James and Reg some thing to wear. I do want to come out and be with you and Kay. It’s only that I have these children and they are almost bare so I am trying to get them something made. I made James one suit & he looks so cute in it. The suits cost 35 cents. They would cost $1.50 to buy them. He is so proud. I will sew and work hard this week and then come. How will that be ? If your Father & Mother could bring me out in another week after this one how about that ? I am having Lavarr rack the wood up by the porch. Dee fixed my fence. I am trying hard to get every thing straightened up here before I take off.

                It makes me sick trying to collect these bills. Bruce paid Carmen 7 dollars this week so I (Mother and Clorene have been here all day and she took me) went to see Carmen. She was just so nasty. Couldn’t pay a damn thing & didn’t know when she could. It made me so mad I would like to take her apart but then there wouldn’t be any pants left to get into -. Then we went other places and no luck, Frank Baker just lies to me every time. I haven’t a cent and need very little but hate to be so broke. I had planned on getting the twenty dollars for the stove but your Mother can only pay me ten now because she wants to save the other for you. The fifty she has saved. So you see – If I go on the train it will take about fifteen. If your Father took me it would be fifteen saved so how about that –

                Glen dear I know you are doing the best you know how about the games but don’t you want to run the games yourself like we planned. It’s good to look at all sides but I feel sure it would be the best to run them ourselves and maybe do something big next summer. You frighten me with the talk about people coming to see them. You know maybe your patent isn’t pending like you think. Be so careful. I can’t wait to get out there. Do you have enough money to live until I get there & then we will decide, huh ? During that time you can look around. I will live in the Trailer Houses & like it – So I will come at the first of next week, or shall I wait & see about your Father or what. Be sure & tell me what to do. I can get a letter here in two days if you mail it in the morning and I call at the Post Office. Your Father can borrow a hundred at the bank for you and that with your Mothers fifty and a little you have would start you up in San Diego. You could pay them back with interest. They are in a position to do this. He would just borrow one hundred more at the bank. He has to borrow some for himself anyway. How about that ? Please wait for me & we will decide together. Please unless you go to San Diego & start building a place – you will get this letter Wednesday – write right back fast. You will be so proud of your two cute little boys when you see them all dressed up so fine. As for me – well that’s another story. The moon tonight is very beautiful.  The baby is getting cuter – when he is well he plays all day. I would sell the note but can’t seem to find a buyer. There is so many homes to rent – It’s nearly midnight. Hope you don’t get involved with the detective, if he is a detective – you know most anyone could be a detective these days, don’t get too friendly. I’m so afraid for you – watch out ! I’ll be there soon and then nothing can happen to you -. Kay write again to Mother. Your letter was so cute. We will come soon. I can hardly wait you are a good boy & I love you. Don’t get too tired – Love Maude






[Tuesday May 13, 1941 - from Glen]


Tue Morning 3AM


Sweetheart –

I can’t sleep any more – I can’t get you off my mind or out of my dreams – I was not asleep an hour until I woke up dreamed that I came home and you said Monroe just stuck around and wouldn’t leave you alone. I couldn’t go to sleep then for a long time – then when I did I woke again dreamed that you were in Thatcher and I in Solomonville and when I came to get you to come home that Kay Clifford was hanging around you show you his “freckle” isn’t that silly. Well anyhow I can’t sleep. I am so damn homesick for you I can bawl – would like to see Jimmie and Reg too – but you dearest mean more to me than anything else in world – I believe I love you 10 times as much as you do me – Anyhow here I am sitting on these dirty old mattress – Kay sound to sleep – at 2 oclock in the morning shaking like a dog  peach stones writing to the dearest sweetest thing on earth.

                It burns me up to think that those damn parasites – like Arthur – would press down so heavy when they know we are just getting started and depending on those payments. Maybe all you have to do is just tell Manny to stop them for a while, or I will write him – You need that money so now listen just go stop Safford Builders & Arthur – they can wait by hell !

                I am sending you $25 of this money – It is yours as well as mine. I don’t have enough anyhow to start the game, without giving somebody else the cream of it – I don’t have enough money nor experience yet, so I have decided, like you say, to go into it myself, and to do it right I had better wait and learn the ropes, then I won’t get chiseled out of it. Don’t you think that is right. So I am going to try and get me a job in this line of work so that I can learn about games – maybe for a year – you know you told me this might be better anyhow – so now I think it is.

                Now sweetheart if I get me a job in the next few days – I will rent a little house and then come over and get you – I am going to bust a gut to have you here within 10 days – no more ! Now do you hear ! Start arranging things sos you can leave in at least a week or 10 days – then later we will look around and buy us a little place – Now what do you say Sweetheart. I can’t live much longer without you – I hate to admit it (you know me) but I can’t ! You have got to come here or I am coming there – and we can do better here – soon as it get light I am starting out to get a job – I won’t need a birth certificate for this type of work. I am going to wake Kay up so we can get a little to eat and I’ll get started. Poor kid him and me are just living in dirt. Dirty clothes are pile up around this 2x4 space until we can barely lay our mattress down. We are now laying on the mattress – with the two quilts over us (pretty chile at night) the sand so thick on this mattress that one side of me is ground sharp. Pillow cases so black we took them off. We can’t exist this way much longer – got to be a change. I will get started today to get a job – Is that OK Sweet ? Then our chance will come later and we will know more about it. I will make the improvements on the game instead of some one else. Because if I started now with the game – not knowing the ropes – sink this money in premiums and location and flop for lack of experience we would be lost – that’s all – So like you say – take it slow and know what we are doing, even if it takes a year.

                We won’t send Obrien any money yet. Maude this car will hardly run. If I get a job I may trade it in on a little better one to come and get you in. We don’t need anyone to bring you out – I will come and get – so be ready to come soon. See you soon, Glen


Glen Porter Santa Ana Calif.

I got the telegram and letter OK

Santa Ana, Calif Gen. Del.






[Wednesday May 14, 1941 - from Glen]


Sweet little Darling

                Afternoon I am writing this in a hurry. Cause I got to go – just got your letter [probably the May 12th letter] – Got a job this morning with Marble Games Co – just what I wanted – can learn lots. Pay about $100 a mo to start. Oh Boy ! See you in a week. I am sending you $30. I have $70 left. Shall I come and get you, or do you want to come on train ? I would like to see Mother come over and Dad too. We could make it OK. Now I can wait and place my game carefully. Maybe with this Company. It’s a big company. I will be a territory operator. I am going to trade for a little better car – got a go – See you in a  week


Address letter to Santa Ana – Gen. Del.






[Thursday May 15, 1941 - from Glen]


Santa Ana 4pm



                I just got your letter. Was checking some marble machines  here by the Post Office so sun in and found your sweet letter. I'm sitting in front of Post office to scribble you a letter right back. I carry my stationery along.

                I am pretty busy on my new job. I sure – the people are swell to me. Be glad when you get here – you can ride around the beautiful country with me – I’m kinda my own boss. I am going to trade the car for a Club Coupe. That has two small seats in back for the kids and a big trunk for the marble games – you see I have to have this kind for my work – Think I shall go to Los Angeles and trade cars. We will just slide along this way until our chance comes with the Monkeys then cash in right – what say sweetheart.

                Do you need some more money ? Let me know. I am going to look around for a house to rent now. I wish Dad and Mother would bring you over we would all have a lot of fun – Tell them to come on California is great. You would never live anywhere else. Swell ocean breeze and everything.

                Kay is fine. Send mail to Santa Ana Gen. Del.

                See you in a week – can hardly write.

                Come to Santa Ana right now we are at West First Street Trailer Camp.

                I sent you $30 did you get  it ? Do you need some more ?

                The company I work for is – F. & S. Sales Co., South Main St. Santa Ana. Phone – Santa Ana 1928.

Anyone in Santa Ana can tell you where the trailer camp or Foust & Sons Sales Co is.

                This is a beautiful little orange town.

                Love, Glen


[P37. Potentially indicates there's an additional letter from Maude that is missing or was not photocopied. Glen starts above with 'just got your letter'. He said the same thing in his letter the day before. The only potentials we have were written Fri the 9th and Mon the 12th. It would seem the Friday letter would have arrived before Wednesday.. which would indicate we're missing a letter.] 




[Thursday May 15, 1941 - from Maude]


Thursday Morning. May


Dearest Glen & Kay:

                I am so worried about you and Kay. What has happened ? I received the lovely flower pot and letter Monday, but you wrote the letter Friday – I just can’t figure out why you haven’t written since. I just know something has happened. I thought maybe you were coming home after me – but this morning I know that isn’t it.

                I am writing on the screen porch. I have my machine out here & it’s nice. I have James four suits made and the baby one. Do you think I am foolish to sew like this – I’m all up in the air – Do you want me to come Monday or later. For pete’s sake write- I can’t settle down to a thing for worrying about you and Kay. Do you think we could live in a trailer house. Where would we sleep – Every one is very nice to me. Mother came by yesterday and took Reg and Gregg down to Clorene’s for the day so I could work in peace. I called at the post office last night for the mail but no letter so that means I won’t get a letter today [text cut off in photocopy] the matter ?

                Reg gets cuter every day. He waved to me and James tipped him over the cart and skinned his little face a bit – He is playing on the toy box like a big man.

                Dee is working on our Father’s car – will have it fixed this morning. When the mail man passes by and doesn’t leave a letter I’m just sick. The letters you have sent has made the time go by so much faster.

                Hello Kay you seem so far away this morning –

                Love, Maude






[Friday May 16, 1941 - from Maude]


Friday Night May 16


Dearest Glen & Son

                I feel so lonesome tonight for you two. James wanted to say his prayer (just went to bed) so we blessed you and Kay. You should feel better. I hope you felt a peace settle over you about that time. I spent the day at Porters. Your mother is very good to us and so is Mother. Help me so much –

                About this business at the station. Arthur &  Builders have taken up Already before the 19th $46. That leaves about $13 to be paid on June payment – So I told Doris (she is the decent one in that business) to let them get the rest about 13 dollars that would take care of June payment and then stop them until we said they could get more. How about that. It makes me just a little mad at Arthur, too. He drew up 5 dollars to day and he has got so far $29 this month – what other persons would pay them off over a hundred dollars 30 dollars a month Pretty nice sailing I’d say. For one who does nothing but gamble for a living – Maybe he thinks we wanted time to get it as fast as he should. Everyone one is for himself and I don’t mean maybe. That means we would get July payment, and as many payments as we wanted before we let them start again – I thought right now it would be nice to have a little of it. I have thought all day about your sandy bed and poor little Kay – your Father said today the cotton looked good so maybe they will bring me out. I’m anxious to come.

                I know this job that you have is at night isn’t it ? Write all details. We will have to get this thing settled about where I shall come & when. What do you think If this plan. You find some old house out in the country not too far [illegible word] if you have to work at nights. Get it unfurnished and I will ship the furniture before I come out. I just can’t leave this packing to anyone els. Then we will come in the next day & get every thing fixed up. How’s that ? I see men & women riding in their cars and I get so blue for you. I will pay Sears out of this 30 dollars that will be $9. Kimball $5 difference on insurance. I will try and keep some so I can help pay freight on furniture. How are you fixed for money by now. Your father is paying me $20 for the stove – Maybe I can rent the house. Maybe it’s just as cheap out there with furniture. Try & get a little peace out – On second thought if you work at nights maybe it would be better to rent any old thing until we find out about the games and then ship the furniture say in Two or three months. I could come back with Uncle Ed maybe and pack it up. You will know what is the best to do. You have conducted your affairs so well out there (I mean the job & every thing) I feel so humble & religious tonight – so may God bless you and keep you two from harm. What will you do with Kay while you work. I must come & take care of you two or you two take care of me. That’s better yet. I’m tired of struggling. I’m going to be meek and like it. I’m going to bed now because the bugs are in the butter and also in my pants. (Lucky’s baby is crying and the crickets are chirping – Love your darlin’ wife (you said).


[P43 - Envelope and letter. Envelope is from ‘Maude Porter, Safford, Ariz’, is addressed to ‘Mr Glen H. Porter, Santa Ana, California’, it’s postmarked May 17 1941 but the time in unlegible in my photocopy. Also stamped on the envelope is a poor quality imprint that seems to indicate the letter delivery was delayed due to addressing problems]





[Sunday May 18, 1941 - from Glen]


5 pm Sunday – Santa Ana

                I am parked here on main street. I let Kay go to the show while I write you a letter. [If it’s Main St in Santa Ana then the only theatre on Main is the West Coast, between 3rd and 4th.]  We went to Los Angeles this morning to get a 1939 Ford Coupe. My car was so shot they would only give me $125 for it. We have to pay $25 a month but it surely is a dinger. You will enjoy going with me every day to check on marble games. I surely like the work & hope I can make a go of it. There are two other young married fellows that are operators and their wives go with them everywhere. There are lots of houses for rent here and lots of wide open space. It is kind of a farming town. The ocean is about 5 miles and Long Beach is about 13 miles and Los Angeles about 23 miles. Everybody is just coming home from the Beach now with their boats – fishing rods & bathing suits – They surely have fun here. Everything would be perfect now if you were with me.

                I got your letter that was written Friday morning. I sent you $30 but did you ever get it ? if not I will send you some more & trace that. I had to give $27 down besides the Plymouth for this Ford – but it’s worth it. I have $40 left – but I should have a pay day soon.

                 I got a Post office box no 1102. If you come on the train send me a telegram. I will call for [we’re missing a complete page here. This was the last line at the bottom of page 49 ½. P50 is a new letter from Glen dated 5-20]






[Monday May 19, 1941 - from Maude]




Dear Glen & Kay;

                I wondered yesterday what you were doing. Hope you are happy. I walked to the show last night and back, Dorothy & I. James & Reg are OK. I have Reg a little hat and suit to wear out there. He looks so cute also James has one like his. I have decided to just lock up the house & come on and not try to ship any furniture until we see about the games. What say sweetheart. I feel better about it that way because its such a mess to try and crate & ship this stuff. Try to get a house partly furnished we will get along with just a piece or two. I am coming on the train. Your folks can’t come now so it’s all settled that I go on the train – It will cost about $13 something.

                James is thrilled about the train and I am too. I’m just small town stuff or hadn’t you heard !

                I have Lavars here this morning taking accounts to your good customers. The Hoopes family have never paid nor hardly anyone else. Just makes you so mad. That kid that has the old Ford, Talavera – he owes a dollar yet and John Champion, he’s a pain in the neck. I went to Beth’s place & dug a dollar our of Carmen’s pants. It was hard going – I guess Beth was a little mad but I don’t care – I paid with the thirty dollars, thanks papa it sure did look good while it lasted. Sears $9, Kimball $5, James shoes $2.20, permanent [Maude’s hair] $3.50, hose $1, groceries $2, I have the rest. I will have to pay the remaining insurance up. Your folks will pay me $20 for the stove so that is what I will come on.

                Now about the coming – when can you meet me ? & where. Shall I come Friday Sat or Sun. Any of those days – you write back – quick. You will get this letter Wednesday or Tuesday then I will get yours Friday or Thursday. You tell me in time when to come. I will leave here at 11:30 – I will write & tell you just when I will arrive so watch your mail. Should I leave Sat and get there Sunday that would be nice wouldn’t it – write & tell me. I hope there is no mix up. If I get your letter Thursday, then Friday morning I will write & tell you when I will arrive or if you don’t get a letter I will leave on the day you say and the following day you can meet me. See ! Ask your station man when the train arrives from Bowie the one that goes through.

                Do you still want us to come? What about that oil money from Richfield.

                Love Maude

Hello Kay –






[Tuesday May 20, 1941 - from Glen]


Tue Morning 7 o’clock


Dearest –

                Kay is still asleep. I go to work about 8:30 or 9:00. I received your second Friday letter last nite. You did the right thing about Arthur & Saff Builders. We won’t let them have any more until we get damn good & ready. We need money pretty bad now – worse that them  - anyhow it seems like I’ve sucked the hind tit in that family ever since I’ve been married so it’s every one for themselves from now on.

                If we could get our furniture out here we could get a house for about $15 a month. Otherwise about $25 – but Pete wants $40 I think, to bring it out. Besides paying for the rented house I don’t hardly think we could make the grade right now – do you ? if we just had that damn station payment right now it would surely help. I haven’t received any pay check yet.

                I guess you received the $30 but I wish you wouldn’t have paid it to Sears & Kimball – but kept it for yourself to come out here – we can take care of those things later –the main thing is getting started now – don’t you think ? I would rather give half the station payments to Kimball on house & let Arthur and Saff Builders take up other half per month & no more ! But right now it is best like you say we need the money ourself right now and just let them all go to Hell until we get started. Be sure and tell Doris not to give them any more until we say. I am going to send a little slip you can send Manny if you like.

                If you have any money don’t make payments with it. Use it to come out on. I will take care of payments just a little later. I have a little money left but I am trying to save it to keep going when you get here until we get some pay coming in. But if you haven’t any let me know & I’ll send you some right away. Would you like me to come after you ? I will come if you say – of course &  would have to lose 2 or 3 days work – but I’ll come anyhow regardless if you don’t come soon.

                 Forget the furniture and lock up the house – if you can’t rent it - & come on we will get along somehow together – what say darling it’s wonderful out here. I have a good job – you can even go with me when ever you want to – I make all the bright spots – café clubs – caberettes, beautiful mountain resorts – lots of fun – I have a good car and you’ll love it. So come on, bring the folks & we will all have some fun.

                Love Glen






[Wednesday May 21, 1941 - from Glen]



I don’t know the day. I guess I’m too excited I can’t wait till Sunday !


Dear one –

                Just got your dear dear dear letter - Start Saturday [I think meaning start the train trip on Saturday] . I shall find out when you arrive and I’ll be there “Jonnnie on the spot”. Boy will this be a happy landing !!

                I rented a house today partly furnished for a month. But don’t worry about sending anything now. We will have the folks send what we want later – just bring your self Jimmie & Reg. Be sure & leave Saturday - I can camp at the station all day Sunday or when ever you get here. I’ll stay there all night too if you don’t come. If you lack any money borrow some from Mother. I will pay her back. Have all our mail forwarded to;

Santa Ana, California

Box No 1102

There is a moving van here that goes right through Safford. When you come we will decide what we need & they will bring it cheap. Just tell Mother that we will have her look after it.

                Now don’t fail me be sure & come. We will be all ready for you. I will be there waiting for the happy moment. I can hardly wait.

                Maybe you should see John Higgins about that coil oil refund. It may have come to Mannie at the station. This is the second air mail letter I have sent you today.

                Kay & I just ate. I am writing this letter inside the Post Office – Kay is here scribbling on all the blotters. He wants to write you so here goes. (over)

                PS why don’t you see Lola about that money. Tell her you need it to come out on. Donna & Spencer can get that money anytime. Tell them you want it right now.

[Kay’s writing, all in cursive. Age 11. There’s a drawing of a car, an arrow pointing to it, and scribbled “it is a Ford. I lost my hat]

We got a new car and it is a bra new won – we shor cant wait for you moma.

[Then a note from Glen written above the car]

I’ll have a pay day by Sunday & we will celebrate. I have paid the house rent for 1 month. Not a swank house – but OK- till we do better huh sweetheart. I will buy you everything someday.






[Thursday May 22, 1941 - from Maude]


[P66 -Western Union Telegram. Poor photocopy. Appears was sent May 22, 1941 2:33pm Az time, addressed to Glen Porter, box 1102. Telegram was stamped with receipt date/time of 1941 May 22 PM 3:24. Apparently California was one hour behind AZ. Message appears to say “WILL ARRIVE LOS ANGELES ELEVEN OCLOCK SUNDAY MORNING AT TRAIN UNION DEPOT LOVE = MAUDE PORTER.”





[Tuesday May 27, 1941 - from Maude]


Tuesday afternoon


Dear Mother & Daddie

                 Hope your knees are better and you are well Mother Dear. I would like to see you both. You seem so far away. Why don’t you come out this summer and stay a month when it gets good and hot there. It is lovely here. Cool and just right – I think this town is made up of elderly people. I see the park just full of people like Daddie sitting around talking. We are getting along OK. I made the trip without having any [photocopied sideways – cut text out] . We took a berth, then ate breakfast on the train. It was nice, but I took too darn many things to carry. That suitcase felt like it was loaded with gold bricks. Glen fixed up this apartment, had cleaned it and just fired it up. He is so darn good I can’t stand it. I did the baby’s washing this morning. We haven’t any stove just a hot plate.

                I haven’t worked very much since I arrived. Just enjoying myself – this is a good vacation, [photocopied sideways – cut text out]., nothing else – Kay is [photocopied sideways – cut text out] school. He likes it. [photocopied sideways – cut text out] school is out about  [photocopied sideways – cut text out] weeks we are going [ this was the last sentence on the page, appears we’re missing an entire page from here on to the end of the letter].






[Date Unknown - from Maude]


[ P67 - Scribbled drawing from Jimmie with notes explaining the scribbles from Maude. It appears this is a page included in a full letter but I don’t know which letter it belongs to. One picture is of a ‘car’ with a smokestack like a tractor, the other apparently of steaks cooking. Maude’s notes with the pictures are as follows;]


He just had to write a letter. He has gone to bed now and the way he is wiggling I think he must have to you know what. [Arrow pointing to car] Wreck car.  He got so mad at me and said good grease ! meaning good grief ! [Arrow pointing to steak] Steak. It seems he thinks you eat a lot of steaks.






Date Determination Summary

 Chronological Sequence


        Degree of Confidence    
  Letter  Greg's   Certain Most Likely Estimated Effie's Kay's
P# From; Date Comments Date Date Date Date Date
18.1 Glen Wed 30-Apr Morning after first night in trailer - at Globe Wed 30-Apr       Wed 30-Apr
5 Glen Thu 1-May Crossed border at Yuma at 7:30pm, dropped postcard at Winterhaven. Continued to drive & spent night in El Centro. Kay’s recent note says it was written Tues April 29th.  I think it was written on Thursday May 1st since they were in Globe on Tuesday nite, Phoenix Wednesday night, and went through Yuma and Winterhaven on Thursday night, making it all the way to El Centro Thursday nite. That would explain why the postmark happened when the post office opened in Winterhaven on Friday May 2nd and stamped the postcard at 7am. Thu 1-May       Tue 29-Apr
8 Glen Thu 1-May Morning in Phoenix.  Went to show "South of Suez" the night before Thu 1-May       Thu 1-May
4 Glen Fri 2-May Arrived at San Diego on Friday morning. Would depart Sunday for Seal Beach trailer camp Fri 2-May     Fri 2-May Fri 2-May
15 Maude Fri 2-May Maude notes ' Friday night' on the letter. Notes James rec'd knife gift. Also wrote more the next morning, listing it as Saturday and saying that James cut his egg w/knife. Glen said on P8 letter on Thurs May 1 he was sending the knife. He sent it early in the morning. It probably got to Safford the next day, Friday, and Maude started the letter Friday nite. There was one entry in another letter noting a 2 day delivery time from Santa Ana when he mailed early in the morning, I suppose one day is possible from Phoenix. She also said it had been raining ever since he left (a tuesday). Doubtuful it would rain a week and a half solid to the following Friday. Definitive answer will be Reg's birthdate, since she alludes to it being a year before this Friday nite. No mention of answers to any of Glen's questions that he asked once he got to Calif. This is definitely the first letter Maude wrote to Glen. Fri 2-May       Sat 3-May
6 Glen Sat 3-May Postcard  postmarked Saturday the 3rd. San Diego Sat 3-May        
9 Glen Sat 3-May Glen notes it's sent Saturday from San Diego, where they were only there on a single Saturday per Kay. 5-3-41. Sat 3-May     Sat 3-May Sat 3-May
18.2 Glen Mon 5-May Postcard stamped 5/5 and Glen note saying Monday at Seal Beach trailer camp Mon 5-May        
19 Glen Mon 5-May Glen says Long Beach Monday 10am at Post office. Someone else (Effie?) has written May 5, 1941. Seems right, though. Glen mailed the postcard on P18.2 he wrote in San Diego but said he'd mail it from LB. It's postmarked LB at 10am and he's writing this letter at the PO at 10am and pretty emotional about recieving a letter-  probably the first from home since the trip started almost a week before on Tues. He says Kay was super excited to get it and hugged it. He references her letter in the reply in that she told him to 'be careful'. He's still calling Reg 'Greg' in this letter and doesn't have a job yet and doesn't mention anything about having talked with anyone in LB area about the game yet.   Mon 5-May   Mon 5-May  
26 Glen Mon 5-May Glen notes Monday at Seal Beach. It's 4pm and he's waiting for Ludwig from the Pike. The letter itself contains no date. However, “May 6 1941” is written in someone’s printing on the photocopy – either Kay’s or Effie’s ? but is incorrect since May 6th is a Tuesday and Glen notes the day as Monday. On P11 Glen notes that Ludwig had the game at the Pike on a Tuesday nite, but surprising if it would be the first Tuesday Glen was in town. Glen promises to send a pop gun to Jimmie. In the P11 letter, written on a Wednesday, he asks if Jimmie got the gun.Glen notes it's the 2nd letter in a single day. There was another written from the LB post office at 10am on Mon the 5th. Glen sez he anticipates getting a letter from Maude on Tues and wants to hear what she has to say about coming out - apparently it would be her first response to his suggestion. [Continued in cell below] Mon 5-May Mon 5-May   Tue 6-May Mon 5-May
      [Continued from P26 cell above]. Glen says he's read her letter regarding the 'log jam' several times, which was the P15 letter sent Sat the 3rd since Maude aludes to Reg's birth date one year prior (May 2, 1940) having been the night before. Also Glen asks for Lona's husband's address. Glen says he hopes Maude will come out 'before another week goes'. Though he talks about Mission Beach prices and about Pike capacity and prices, there's no mention of the 50-50 deal, which is referenced as if it had been discussed in the 'Wednesday' letter on P11.          
25 Maude Mon 5-May Envelope and postmark - Postmarked 5/5/41 Mon 5-May        
11 Glen Wed 7-May Glen notes Wednesday at Seal Beach. Has to be the 7th. I think Effie wrote 5/3 on the photocopy which is wrong since that's the Sat he was in San Diego.he mentions they played his game on the Pike the night before. In his Monday 5-5 letter he was frustrated from waiting all day for the Pike Manager to show up. In this letter, a Wednesday, he says that 'yesterday' (a Tuesday) the Pike manager showed up, liked the game, loaded it right up and took it to the Pike that night. He was on a high on this day due to the reception it recieved. Certainly this was Wednesday the 7th. Especially since by Tuesday the 13th (P1 letter) he was awake at 3am tired of the politics and sandy mattress and resolved to begin searching for a job that day, get his family moved out with him, and then give a go with the monkey game later. Glen also asks here if Jimmie got his gun OK, which Glen mentioned his intention to send one in his letter dated Monday May 5th Wed 7-May     Sat 3-May Thu 8-May
29 Maude Thu 8-May Maude notes 'Thursday nite' on the letter. Looks like Effie's written May 8, 1941 rather than Maude, but the date is probably correct. Maude says she found today the 'blue' letter he'd written from San Diego (on Sat the 3rd), and she also had rec'd the letter he sent Monday evening (the 5th) - then goes on to tell him about her availability to come out, and comments on hoping Ludwig showed finally showed up. she also gives Lona's husband's address, all of which were mentioned in the Monday eve letter. Thu 8-May   Thu 8-May Thu 8-May  
33 Glen Fri 9-May Glen  notes no day nor date. Kay thinks Friday the 9th. Glen asks if the Flower Pot was received. Mentions the 50-50 deal as if it's already been communicated to Maude, which it was in his 5/7 letter to her. Glen alludes to Maude's advice to go to San Diego and build the building. Glen acknowledges it's Reg, not Greg. Sez the Pig Game guys came by and want to test the game. Glen continues the letter the next morning at 8am when he met the Marble Machine man, who wants to see the game Saturday morning... which apparently isn't this morning, so perhaps it's Friday morning,  meaning the letter was started on Thurs the 8th. Fits with his having sent a letter the 7th about the 50-50 deal.   Fri 9-May     Fri 9-May
63 Glen Fri 9-May Glen notes " Friday nite" only - no date. I'm torn between whether it's Friday the 9th or 16th. Could be Friday the 16th because he's inside the 10 day timeframe until the Sunday the 25th date when she actually came. He says he wants her to come on Sunday and was sending $10 to help with expenses. He can't possibly mean for her to get on the train the next day in order to meet a Sunday arrival, so he must be the week before, on Friday the 16th. However, The seemingly stronger option is it was Friday the 9th.. there is some telegram traffic that's mentioned (telegrams I don't have) that talked about how there initially were hopes for a Sunday the 18th arrival. If that was the case then on the 9th he'd be inside the 10 day timeframe till the 18th. Also,  his $10 offer isn't consistent with the 25th arrival as they had the money thing worked out due to his job and her mentioning she had enough to make the trip on. [Continued in the next cell below]     Fri 9-May    
      [Continued from P63 cell above].  Also the P33 letter, which I believe was written Thurs nite the 8th and finished Fri morning the 9th, then mailed that morning, contained this "You never say anything about coming. You said something once about staying there. How long do you think we can live apart and still be man and wife ?". Perhaps he got a telegram on Friday after he'd sent the P33 letter, which prompted the sentiment inferred in the statement to mushroom. Interesting because this angry letter is very out of character for the flow of all the other letters.          
65 Glen Fri 9-May Glen notes no day nor date. I think this is the letter Glen said he'd written but wouldn't send on P63, which may have been on Friday the 9th or 16th.     Fri 9-May    
20 Maude Fri 9-May Maude notes "Friday night" only . She comments on her opinion of the 50-50 deal, which was sent to her in Glen's Wednesday 5-7 letter. She also said that today the Pop gun arrived which Glen had mentioned his intention to send in a 5/5 letter and then asked if it was received in his 4/7 letter. This is certainly Friday 5/9 Fri 9-May       Mon 5-May
54 Maude Mon 12-May Maude notes it's "Monday nite' only. She thanks Glen for the flowers and chocolates for Mother's day, which he had asked if she'd rec'd in the P33 letter. I think it's the 12th, which would be the day after Mother's day, and she says nothing of Glen's job that would be captured in the coming week. The following Monday's letter from Maude on P39 is confident of the train trip the next Saturday, while this letter is vague about a travel date still being up in the air for perhaps 'early next week'. Someon, perhaps Effie, has noted this as May 25th, but that's the Sunday they arrived on the train. Mon 12-May       Sun 25-May
1 Glen Tue 13-May Glen notes "Tues morning 3am" only.  He talks of sending her $25 since he's decided to get a job and hold off on pursuing the games until she's there, he mentions he'll start looking for a job that day, and that he and Kay are sleeping in a sandy bed. In Maude's clearly dated 16 May letter she refers to thinking about him enduring the sandy bed. This can only be Tuesday May 13th. Tue 13-May     Thu 1-May Tue 20-May
7 Glen Wed 14-May Glen notes no day nor date. Glen says he 'got her letter' but don't see anything he answered from it so can't guess which letter that was. Says he got a job that morning at Marble Game Co. and is sending $30. Says he'll see her in a week. Says he's going to trade for a better car and he's got to go. Maybe it's the day he traded for the car ? Kay thinks it was Sunday the 18th but it can't be because Maude knew Glen had the job when she was writing him on 16 May. It appears the 16 May letter from Maude is in direct response to this letter. She mentions 'this $30' that she's just received and asks for the details on the new job. Therefore this letter couldn't have been mailed later than the 15th, and was probably the 14th.   Wed 14-May     Sun 18-May
37 Glen Thu 15-May Glen notes no day nor date. Just 'Santa Ana 4pm'. He 'got Maude's letter' (one I'm missing ?) then gives more details about the job. This letter was after the P7 letter where he first told her of the job. He's working at Marble company. Scribbling a quick letter at the Post office where he just got a 'sweet' letter from her. He asked her to begin sending mail to him at Santa Ana gen del rather than Long Beach... but doesn't yet mention a box number. Asks if she got the $30 he sent her. Tells her he's intending to trade for another car. Since Maude's letter on the 16th was asking for details about the new job, she hadn't yet received this letter, which was therefore probably mailed the 15th or 16th. Interestingly, Kay also notes it as May 15, 1941. Kay also has noted in the margin “At Santa Ana trailer park 10 or 11 days at Long Beach”]   Thu 15-May   Thu 15-May  
60 Maude Thu 15-May Maude notes "Thursday morning" but no date. She references receiving the flower pot, and letter on Monday written by Glen on Friday. This is the 5-9 letter that was started on the 8th. I think the flower pot was sent earlier than the Friday letter and took longer to arrive, hence Glen's question in the 5/9 letter as to whether the flower pot had arrived. The next letter I have record of was indeed the Tuesday 5/13 letter at 3am that was probably not received until the Thursday afternoon of the morning this worried letter from Maude was written and sent. She did note it was Thursday 'morning'. The following Thursday she was telegraphing her travel plans to Glen and Monday had written him a letter of intention to travel on Saturday which she doesn't mention here. This must be Thursday May 15th. Thu 15-May        
43 Maude Fri 16-May Maude noted Friday May 16th. She thinks Glen's job is at night. She says to get an old house in the country and she'll ship the furniture, she's decided she can't leave the packing to anyone else. Mentions she'll pay Sears out of the $30. Also that Pop is paying $20 for the stove. Fri 16-May        
49 Glen Sun 18-May Appears to be dated 5/19/41 by Effie. Kay has penciled in May 18. Glen notes Sunday 5pm, the day he traded for the car, so it's after P7 and P37 which were the 14th and 15th, which means this is Sunday the 18th. He says he got the letter she wrote on Friday morning. He sez he sent $30 but doesn't know if she got it. He gives the PO box # for the first time. We're missing a page or more of this letter.   Sun 18-May   Mon 19-May Sun 18-May
39 Maude Mon 19-May Maude notes 'Monday, but no date.  Kay notes 5/15 but that's a Thursday. She acknowledges receiving the $30 and paying bills with it. She's asking if she should come that coming Sat or Sunday & intends to just lock up and walk away, no furniture moving. I think it's the 19th. She is certain Glen's folks can't come and she's coming on the train, even knows the price and intends to come Sat or Sunday. She reiterates what she did with the $30, which she'd explained in the Friday 5/16 letter that Glen rec'd and replied to on the 20th. Since I know they arrived on Sunday the 25th per the telegram then I know the Monday Maude notes was the 19th.   Mon 19-May     Thu 15-May
50 Glen Tue 20-May Glen notes Tues morn, 7am. Effie has written in 5-20. No note from Kay. Mentions a  2nd Friday letter from Maude that he received Monday nite. He says she did the right thing in not paying Arthur & Saff builderss. He acknowledges her receiving the $30 but is unhappy she paid it to Sears & Kimball. Glen is working at his job. He has the new car.This is direct response to several items in the Fri May 16 letter from Maude; money to Sears, everyone's for themselves. This sets the date for this letter, a Tuesday answering the Friday the 16th letter from Maude. He still thinks his folks may come out because he hasn't received her definitive confirmation that they can't come, which she wrote on 'Monday' which must be the 19th for the P39 letter from Maude. Tue 20-May       Tue 20-May
52 Glen Wed 21-May Glen notes no day nor date. Does say excitedly that he got her 'dear dear letter' and is excited she's coming that weekend. I'm confident the letter was the Monday letter  which means Glen received it Wednesday or Thursday. Says he rented a house that day for a month. Looks like Maude's estimate in her Monday 5-19 letter panned out; She said she'd come in the 5-19 letter, Glen recieved it Wednesday the 21st, replied the same afternoon writing from the Post office and sent it via airmail air mail as he said, she received this letter the 22nd saying to come Saturday and replied via Telegram on the 22nd saying she'd be on the Saturday train arriving Sunday the 25th.   Wed 21-May     Tue 20-May
66 Maude Thu 22-May Telegram sent 5-22 indicating Sunday (5-25) arrival at Los Angeles train station. Thu 22-May        
58 Maude Tue 27-May Maude notes "Tuesday afternoon" but no date. Kay has written 5-28-41, but that's a Wednesday, so I'll assume Kay sort of knew what he was talking about and we'll call it Tuesday the 27th     Tue 27-May Wed 28-May Wed 28-May