Angel’s View of Nauvoo
Aerial Photography by Dennis Davis
Text of Legend by Scot Facer Proctor

Meridian reader John Marsh sent us this wonderful aerial photograph of Nauvoo taken recently by Dennis Davis. We thought you would like to get an ‘angel’s view of Nauvoo’ with a brief orientation through the legend below. So many of you have been to Nauvoo or have an intense interest in it, here is a fun angle you may not have been able to take with your point-and-shoot.

You might want to sit down with your children and see if you can find all sixteen items identified on the legend. If you would like to see an even larger version click here to see a high res version (650 k) of the photo below.

© Copyright 2002 Dennis Davis

A—Nauvoo Temple and temple block.
B—Joseph Smith Academy.
C—Western “grove” where Joseph Smith preached King Follet discourse.
D—Parking terrace for Nauvoo Temple (just south of the temple)
E—Lake that is a part of Nauvoo State Park.
F—Nauvoo Illinois Stake Center and parking lot.
G—Famous Nauvoo Blue Cheese Factory.
H—Raymond Store (historical) and building used as offices for building the Nauvoo Temple.
I—The Nauvoo Fudge Factory.
J—Tent with food from the locals for the tourists.
K—Large area with stage for the production of the pageant “The City of Joseph”
L—Home of William Weeks (historical), architect of the original Nauvoo Temple.
M—Catholic Church, neighbor of the Nauvoo Temple.
N—Parley P. Pratt home (historical).
O—Allyn House (shop of Chuck Allen, windowmaker of all windows of Nauvoo Temple)
P—Blimpies (one of the few places to eat in Nauvoo)


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